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Protect Yourself from Dumpster Rental Scams in Florida: Key Tips to Know

In the US, especially in southern states like Florida, dumpster rental scams have become prevalent. Sometimes dumpster rental offers can sound too good to be true. Not all agencies and service providers live by their commitments. Quite a few fail to answer your queries regarding pricing/rates, service transparency, safety, and on-time availability. But how to choose the right one?

It is essential to perform extensive research online before zeroing in on one or two. Choose a company that prioritizes employee safety, is licensed, and cares for the environment. Don’t get lured into company traps that offer highly discounted rates. These are some red flags when choosing a dumpster rental service provider. Let’s get a sneak peek at how to avoid scams in dumpster rentals in Florida.

How to Avoid Dumpster Rental Scams?

Below mentioned are some of the common unethical practices employed by some average companies. These are big red flags when choosing a dumpster rental in Spring Hill FL, or any other city in Florida.

Abnormally Discounted Rates

When you notice companies that offer significantly discounted rates way below the average standard, it is a red flag. Steer away from such service providers, as they try to lure new prospects and customers by offering mouthwatering prices. Never give in to their witty marketing gimmicks and luring tactics. Such unethical ploys are employed as they fail to win customer trust and earn client rapport through quality services.

Most importantly, a company must use secure payment systems across the board, and have a stringent privacy policy.

Murky Communication

It might be unprofessional if a dumpster rental company cannot communicate effectively and swiftly even after your repeated calls and likely a dumpster rental scam. A local dumpster service is deemed professional when there’s a quick response to customers scheduling a particular time and day for dropping the bin. The same goes for hauling it away.

A legitimate dumpster service provider should always provide clear information about rates, services, dumpster sizes, delivery times, and pick-up dates. If there’s a lack of communication, it’s a red flag.

Bad Online Reputation & Reviews

When you notice bad reviews about a company when renting a dumpster service, stay away from it. Check the customer reviews and ratings on Google and Facebook, before shortlisting one. Sometimes there are fake reviews generated by company guys. When you notice all the flowery words, it means fake. However, the majority of the reviews can be trusted, except for those which are on company websites.

If there’s a consistent pattern of negative reviews about a company in Google My Business Listings, this is certainly a red flag and could be a dumpster rental scam.

Zero Concern for Safety

Before you rent a dumpster service in central Florida, look for a company that is concerned about employee safety, and is licensed and insured. All the employees must be adequately skilled and trained. They must have the right safety equipment & gear like gloves, helmets, goggles, safety boots, safety vests, dust protection masks, etc. If these are missing, probably the company is trying to cut on cost, by compromising on safety.

Fewer Variations in Dumpster Sizes

Every home or construction project has junk/waste disposal needs. Usually, local residences need small roll-off dumpsters, while construction sites look for bigger-size trash bins like 25-yard, 30-yard, 40-yard, and more. If a company is not in a position to offer a variety of sizes for different needs and applications, it might be new in this domain, lacking the requisite skills, expertise, and professionalism.

Unsure about Drop Off & Hauling Time

Professional dumpster service is all about quick response and precise time scheduling. When a roll-off dumpster rental service provider in Hernando County or Citrus County fails to abide by your schedule, look for alternatives. An agency unwilling to provide a clear timeline for drop off and hauling is an outright No.

These are some of the unethical practices and dumpster rental scams that as a customer you need to be wary of while choosing a dumpster rental company in your city or state. When you notice such discrepancies in service offerings, policies & rates, it is considered a red flag. Steer away from such agencies, and look for ones that comply with all the quality, environment & safety standards, apart from matching your waste disposal and junk removal requirements.