how to dispose of old mattresses

A Few Tips on How to Dispose of Old Mattresses in Spring Hill, Florida

Are you planning to buy a brand-new mattress in a few weeks? If you are, you should also know how to dispose of old mattresses in a scientific and sensible manner to avoid leaving behind a large carbon footprint.

Over time, all mattresses deteriorate. They are unable to provide the same amount of comfort that they once used to. Even custom-made ones for people who suffer from back problems will eventually lose their efficiency. Also, people across the United States (and across the world) might simply replace their used mattress and purchase a new one because they feel like it.

If you are wondering how to dispose of used mattresses, there are several methods you can try out.
This post lists a few of them.

Disposing of your old mattresses: a few tips

Here are some easy-to-follow ideas for you.

1. Throw it away 

This is probably the commonest solution to the issue. Once you notice that the mattress is reaching its expiry date, figuratively speaking, you can simply get rid of it.

However, there are a few things you must keep in mind especially if you reside in or around Spring Hill, Florida.

Florida’s laws prohibit simply ‘tossing out’ a used mattress without a few checks. These are mentioned in the next section; however, note that you will need to opt for dumpster rental in Spring Hill FL as these are pretty heavy products.

So, when can you get rid of your old and worn-out mattress?

  • When the warranty period is over: Almost all mattresses come with a manufacturer’s warranty that usually ranges between 5 and 10 years. Please check the warranty papers. If it is no longer valid, you are free to dispose of it. Else, you might be fined by the Environmental Protection Agency arm of Florida.

However, if the warranty is still valid, do contact the manufacturer and ask for more information on their policies on how to dispose of old mattresses.

  • When it meets the State’s recycling policies: Like all 50 States, Florida too has its own laws on recycling. Some States encourage and even aid in used mattress recycling. Once you have gathered enough data on the extant plans in Florida, you can start mulling over how to dispose of used mattresses.

2.Donate the used mattress

This is a progressive and socially acceptable method of making way for your new mattress. Of course, you just cannot donate trash! Before you contact a local donation or social welfare center, ensure that the mattress is clean, free from any stains or odors, is free from basic problems like springs jutting out and rusted edges, and has no tears or holes.

Donations are an exercise in goodwill. It is recommended that you thoroughly clean the mattress and vacuum it before you contact a Spring Hill FL dumpster rental service to take it away.

3. Consider professional recycling

As mentioned above, tossing away used mattresses without recycling them is a pretty nasty habit. If you are running out of ideas on how to dispose of old mattresses, this is the next best thing. It also helps the environment in several ways.

Did you know that over 20 million used mattresses are recycled (read dumped) every year in the United States? What’s more, the average size of these units is roughly between 30 and 40 cubic feet!

Unfortunacalltoy, most of this ‘recycled material’ is used around the country in landfills which does not help the environment at all.

Instead, you can consider dialing a professional recycling service provider. There are several such agencies dotting Florida, and you will find a few in Spring Hill too.

These agencies take a more scientific approach. Every usable part is taken apart, especially the metallic ones. They are then used in other industries and some are even used in the manufacture of new mattresses.

One pro tip on how to dispose of old mattresses is to get in touch with “Earth 911”, one of North America’s most proficient recycling chains. It has well over a million outlets. You can book an appointment with the nearest Earth 911 facility in Spring Hill by calling 1-800-PICKUP.

Before we go, you can consider giving away your used mattresses using services provided by online platforms including Facebook Marketplace or The Freecycle Network.