get rid of lava rocks with dumpsters

How to Get Rid of Lava Rocks: Effective Methods and Dumpster Uses

Are you thinking about how to get rid of lava rocks at your residence? The best way is to rent a roll-off dumpster, which can dispose of all rocks and gravel scattered around your backyard. Roll-off dumpsters are available in different sizes, ranging from 10-yard to 40-yard, depending upon your home waste disposal needs. If someone is looking for bigger dumpsters for construction sites, they are available too.

If you’re residing in central Florida, and looking for the services of local dumpster rental companies, choose the ones having good customer reviews. They can suggest what to do with lava rocks if there’s no requirement at your home. Lava rocks have limited use at homes. Let’s understand the uses. However, if it does not serve any purpose, contacting a dumpster rental service is the right option.

3 Main Uses for Lava Rock

Lava rock is sometimes used in home landscaping projects where budget is a constraint. It is dusty, rough, porous, and dark in color. The main characteristic of lava rocks is that they can hold or retain water due to their porous nature. It is used for different purposes.

Constructing a Fire Pit: A lot of homeowners in the US use lava rocks for building a fire pit in their courtyard or backyard. They dig an area earmarked for the pit and fill it with these rocks at the base. Then, surround the pit with solid concrete blocks to keep in the fire.

Filling the Base of Flower Pots: When you’ve flower pots at home, try filling the base with lava rocks, as it helps with an effective drainage mechanism. This prevents plants from getting soggy roots.

Making an Outdoor Grill or BBQ: You can spread the lava rocks in your barbecue grill, and make it feel like charcoal. This can help protect the base of the grill from excess heat.

What to Do with Lava Rocks When of No Use?

Here, you can call a residential dumpster service in your neighborhood for efficiently picking all the rocks from your home, without creating any mess or leaving debris. After a residential landscaping and beautification project is over, the leftover rock pieces, gravel, sand, bricks, etc. tend to spoil the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors. The dusty and black lava rocks look ugly as if your home is in the center of a coal mine.

What to do? You need to contact a residential dumpster rental service provider in Florida or anywhere else who can pick up all the heavy debris and rocks, and dump it in a landfill site. They provide dumpsters in different sizes, keeping in mind the individual heavy waste disposal requirements at homes. You can view and book one, depending on your junk disposal needs. This is how an effective property clean-out is done with professional services across cities and towns.

The process of renting a dumpster is quite simple and easy. Call the company, mention the size of the trash bin, provide your address, and schedule a particular day and time of delivery. The company towing truck would place the dumpster or bin at a specified spot at your residence. You can now fill the large trash can with all the rocks and gravel at your place. When you’re done with it, call the company for an early pickup. That’s how easy it is.

Getting Rid of Lava Rocks is Easier than Before

When you’re thinking of doing away with heavy materials like lava rocks, stone, and concrete blocks, a roll-off dumpster with a load-carrying capacity of 10 to 20 tons is the right choice. This way, large amounts of debris can be towed away easily in one go, without creating any mess. A 12 or 16-yard dumpster is probably the best option to dispose of heavy lava rocks.

You contact a dumpster rental company in central Florida online, look through their rates, and availability of bins in different sizes, and order one right away. Their trained and skilled professionals can safely haul away all the loose rocks and debris to a designated dumping ground or landfill site, far away from the main city. Your house is now clean, debris-free, and looks organized after a messy landscaping project. This is how to get rid of lava rocks at your home that have been lying unused for quite some time now.

How to Find the Right Dumpster Rental Company?

Go through the client testimonials on the website, and look for reviews given by customers on Google, Facebook, etc. before selecting one that offers affordable rates, and is near your home. Also look for the type of bins they offer, apart from the available sizes. Whether the dumpsters can hold all the trash generated after an outdoor landscaping project or not, is a thing to look out for. This is how you can zero in on the right dumpster service in Citrus County, Hernando County, or Sumter County that matches your needs.

Final Words

When considering disposing of your lava rocks at home, always choose a service provider that offers roll-off dumpsters in different sizes with a hauling truck. Lava rocks are best in their natural surroundings, but not at home. If you and your family members are allergic to dust, such black and dusty rocks can do no good to your existing medical condition. So, haul it away safely and immediately for a healthy lifestyle.