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Lower Your Cost to Rent a Dumpster in 2021

The cost to rent a dumpster can get quite expensive. Given that renting a dumpster can cost several hundred dollars, most customers appreciate any savings they can get. Fortunacalltoy, there are some ways that you can enjoy a low cost dumpster rental. This article will look into what factors influence dumpster rental prices and how to reduce them. If you’re planning to rent a dumpster for a day or week, keep reading!

Renting a Dumpster: How Much Does It Cost?

The average cost of a dumpster rental in the United States is $404; however, rates vary widely. When looking for the most cost-effective dumpster rental company, understanding how rental firms set their prices can be beneficial. Here’s how the estimated cost is calculated:

  • Dumpster size: The average cost of renting a small 10-yard dumpster is $305. On average, a medium-sized 20-yard dumpster costs $370. A larger 30-yard dumpster costs around $440.
  • Dump fees at a landfill or a transfer station: This is one of the most expensive price components. These costs vary depending on your local landfill, but they usually run from $30 to $100 per ton.
  • Costs of fuel: This is a considerable cost, especially if the roll-off truck must travel a great distance to and from your location.
  • Overhead costs. Employee salary, licensing and regulatory compliance, maintenance and investment on equipment, and general business expenses are examples of this.
  • Profit margin: After all company expenditures have been paid, this is the part of the rental charge that is left over.

Now that you have learned what goes into the quoted price, how do you save a few bucks?

Rent from Locally-Owned and Run Services

Many people are unaware that there are three kinds of dumpster rental businesses, and knowing the differences can help you save money:

  1. Locally-owned and operated dumpster rentals
  2. Large, nationwide waste management companies
  3. Brokers from out of state who book the dumpster and then pass the order on to a local provider

It is recommended that you hire a local dumpster business because they typically give superior customer care and lower pricing.

Renting a dumpster from a major, national company or a broker is nearly always more expensive and results in a poor customer experience.

Avoid Brokers Who Charge Too Much

Even though dumpster brokers seem like local haulers, they are usually an out-of-state intermediary.

They accept bookings for dumpsters at inflated costs (usually 10-20% more than local rates) and then forward the request to local providers, pocketing the difference.

Unbeknownst to the unwary customer or contractor, their dumpster was ordered through a high-priced intermediary rather than the genuine rental company. As a result, choosing a local dumpster company is preferable to a dumpster broker.

Request Estimates and Be Informed

Because there are so many variables that influence your final cost, it’s often essential to assess quotes by contacting companies directly. You can also confirm the company’s availability to supply your size on your preferred date by calling (most service providers have packed schedules, so availability is not guaranteed). Directly speaking with the company will provide information about the degree of service you can expect.

Compare Estimates

To ensure you get a reasonable deal, acquiring quotes from at least two to three local businesses is recommended. It is not advisable to book with the cheapest business right away. Assess overall cost, company reviews, and customer service, and double-check that the estimates are comparable.

Rent a Dumpster That Isn’t Too Small

Because the cost of hiring a dumpster goes up with the container’s size, it may seem logical to pick the smallest dumpster possible. However, this isn’t always true. It’s incredibly challenging to assess the volume of trash or construction waste you have, and many people underestimate how much they have. If you book a dumpster that is too tiny, you will have to rent it again, so don’t cut corners on the size to save money.

Before You Throw Anything Away, Consider Donating or Selling It

Instead of throwing out anything usable, try selling it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or donating it to a local charity. These solutions are not only beneficial for the planet, but they are also less expensive. By removing the bulk and weight from your trash, you may be able to book a smaller container or spend less on weight.

Share With a Friend or Neighbor

Everyone has stuff they’ve been planning to dispose of lying around the house. Make your neighbors aware that you want to rent a dumpster, and see if they’d like to share the dumpster and split the cost with you.

The Bottomline

A dumpster rental can be rather costly. As a result, most customers value any cost savings. Thankfully, there are a few options for obtaining a dumpster rental at a low cost. This article has detailed numerous strategies for lowering dumpster rental expenses. Keep these suggestions in mind, and you will undoubtedly save money when it comes to waste disposal.

If you are looking for a roll off dumpster service in Citrus County and Hernando County, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help you with your waste management needs.