what's the smallest dumpster you can rent

Experts Weigh in on What’s the Smallest Dumpster You Can Rent

Large or even medium-sized dumpsters might not be required for certain everyday usage scenarios. You will often have to order a small dumpster for either domestic or commercial purposes- and sometimes both.

This is where a significant percentage of people who buy or rent dumpsters face a challenge: they are unsure of what is the smallest size dumpster to rent. One that won’t look like a toy and will be of zero use for any practical and real-world purpose while not being too big either.

The most commonly available ‘mini’ roll-off dumpsters you can rent in most American cities is the 10-yard model.

While there are a few models which lie between the 2-9 yards bracket, they are a bit difficult to handle since they are not the roll-off type.

However, in many smaller towns and cities with limited options, you will be hard-pressed to find the 10-yard roll-off dumpster. Should that be the case, go for a 12-yard dumpster rental.

Types of Mini dumpsters

If someone asks Google “What’s the smallest dumpster you can rent”, most search results will have the same information: the 10-yard roll-off model. This has a number of types as well.

Let’s quickly go through them.

I: Roll-off dumpsters:

There is no difference in the functionalities of a regular and a smaller roll-off dumpster like the 10 or 12-yard model. They only vary in size. Most waste disposal firms offer these 2 sizes.

Note that some companies might promise you a model that’s smaller than 10 yards when you order a small dumpster. It’s a misleading claim since smaller units do not have the principal roll-off features including the open-top, wheels, and the rectangular bottom.

Before moving to a new city that’s complecalltoy unfamiliar to you, experts recommend that you do some research on the most reliable waste disposal companies there. That way, you can avoid vendors who might try to mislead or fool you.

Several other scenarios also exist where you will have to ask around what is the smallest size dumpster to rent. Are you planning to redesign your one-bedroom apartment, an affair that will generate pretty small amounts of trash? It’s also possible that you will require a mini dumpster for your office because the parking lot is overcrowded.

II: Commercial dumpsters:

With several residential complexes coming up across tier 2 or 3 cities, the demand for mini dumpsters available for rent has gone up a lot. A vast majority of the apartments (including the ones already inhabited and those still under construction) have just enough space for small families to live comfortably.

Several companies in the waste disposal business rent out mini dumpsters to these property owners who never require bigger models for obvious reasons. The companies have the usual agreements with these clients where trash pick-up services will be provided once a week or even less frequently.

If your family and you own a small but cozy condominium with segregated waste management and do not need even a medium-sized dumpster, you can always order a small dumpster from an established local firm.

A 2-to-9-yards model will be perfect for your needs. You can consider asking the waste collection firm if they rent mini models as well. There is a high chance that you’ll get a pretty decent discount that way.

III: Bag dumpsters:

These are essentially heavy-duty, compact, and portable garbage collection bags made from tarp or canvas. When it comes to what’s the smallest dumpster you can rent, consider renting bag dumpsters!

Why you might ask! Well, most of these models have loading capacities of between 3 and 9 yards, can easily hold trash and debris of up to 3,000 pounds, are portable and waterproof, and are offered by most waste disposal services.

These micro dumpsters are not nearly as durable and hardy as, say, a 12-yard roll-off dumpster.

Still, they are worth a try. There is also the attractive pricing factor associated with these models. Bag dumpsters (often simply called Bagsters) come for anything between $30 and $100 based on the brand and the loading capacity.

If you feel like it, you can buy a unit. However, waste disposal service charges remain almost the same: between $100 and $400 depending on your location besides a couple of other factors.

Finally, most experts agree that you always order a small dumpster from a local agency. It ensures easy two-way communication, better customer service, and negotiable waste pick-up rates!